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Join the GLBRN!

Interested in joining the GLBRN? The GLBRN is a society of institutions organized to raise the level of practices in managing the collection, quality, processing, storage and distribution of biospecimens; ensure that stored biospecimens are managed with a high degree of stewardship that increases the opportunity for use; expedite access to biospecimens; provide access to biospecimens at reasonable research rates; and inspire institutional collaboration in research.

The GLBRN is a collaborative effort between the members to implement uniform, streamlined policies and procedures for the distribution and utilization of biobanked specimens to researchers of the members.  The goals of the GLBRN follow:


  1. To improve biospecimen management/collection/standardization;

  2. To expedite access to biospecimens through a common Banked Biospecimen Distribution Agreement and process (future expedited access will include the development and implementation of an electronic catalog between member institutions); and

  3. To inspire institutional collaboration between the Parties.


The members of the GLBRN agree to collaborate according to the terms set forth in the Master Consortium Agreement. This agreement will be made available upon submission of an application to join the GLBRN. The annual fee for a Biorepository to participate in the GLBRN is $1000. 

If you are interested in joining the GLBRN, please download the GLBRN application below, fill it out and submit it via email. If you have further questions, you can utilize the contact us page and someone from the GLBRN will be in touch soon.