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Our Mission


The GLBRN is a society of institutions organized to raise the level of practices in managing the collection, quality, processing, storage and distribution of biospecimens; ensure that stored biospecimens are managed with a high degree of stewardship that increases the opportunity for use; expedite access to biospecimens; provide access to biospecimens at reasonable research rates; and inspire institutional collaboration in research.



  • Raise the bar on the quality of available biospecimens for research

  • Expedite access to biospecimens from a range of sources

  • Inspire institutional collaboration

  • Ensure the use of stored biospecimens and expand their “market”

  • Provide a forum for discussion and discovery of best practices
Network Benefits


  • Improved, streamlined access to high quality biospecimens

  • Peer learning

    • SOP sharing

    • Consent guidelines

  • Low cost biospecimen acquisition

  • Collaboration

    • New research opportunities

    • Equipment and services sharing

    • Bioinformatics and data acquisition opportunities